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We’re gonna run out of fuel and just be in Pakistan and live our short, miserable lives in a Pakistani prison. We are going for the single mom who dropped her kids off at elementary school on a Tuesday morning, and then 45 minutes later she jumped to her death out of a skyscraper because that was a better alternative than burning alive cause it’s 2500 degrees inside. We’re supposed to fight; that’s why we’re going.” We were a week and a half into planning that big mission.

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Stay tuned for more from this amazing studio, which also produces wicked hot spanking films as well, featuring such stand-outs as Casey Calvert, Christy Cutie, et al…

Anyway, she has shot some scorching work with, for example, the excellent Triple A Spankings, along with the red-hot Momma Spankings getting tanned by Clare Fonda, and having Mr.

Navy SEAL who's credited with firing the kill shots on Osama bin Laden says he listened to a banger the night of the raid, and we gotta say ... We got retired Navy SEAL, Robert O'Neill, heading into the Gaylord National Resort near D. Saturday, and asked if he's had to pay for a drink since taking down the man behind 9/11 ... Our guy then asks Rob if he jammed to any special music that night in May 2011, and he tells us he bumped "Red Nation" by The Game ... Rob also addresses a popular conspiracy theory about what happened to bin Laden after his death with a definitive answer ...

Be it single scenes, siterips or photo sets we have access to so much material we don’t have time to go through and post everything.

Photo by Assume the Position Studios, and custom strap by the Correction Collection.

ATP delights the spanko senses by producing some of the finest spanking photography I’ve seen.

In fact, she is planing to attend the mega-spank party: the Lone Star Spanking Party, coming up in May in Houston, TX.

In addition, Cassidy also attended Shadow Lane’s party last year. Sassy Cassy also has appeared as a naughty daughter getting a hard spanking and her mouth washed out with soap(!

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” So the instructor kind of sat back on him, and he’s getting his color back too because he gets to keep his job, and he goes, “Yeah, man, you passed.” And he goes, “Thank God, I finally got the fifth knot.” And the instructor said, “No, you didn’t.

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