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S." of Smithsonian said, I believe the atypical second and eighth runes were deliberately chosen because they can be taken in more than one way, Dr.Herman Collitz, Professor of Germanic Languages at Johns Hopkins University was next consulted.

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The relatively little house now holding the Memorial Stone prohibits taking photos of the entire object.

A much larger facility is needed via State and Federal and/or Private Foundation Funds for what is indeed one of the most important historical sites and archeological relics to be found in the entirety of French Colonial America..

If one neglects it, one reading is as above: "Gjome's Date" (Or, "Valley," if the last rune is taken as an "L," as mentioned by others.).

." Back to such as that later, but before leaving what "L.

Simonin is expected to be extradited back to Oklahoma.

(As marching Northeastward from Matagorda Bay, Fort Saint Louis, and sunken ruins of La Salle's ship, La Belle --Both now being excavated and preserved by State of Texas Archeologists); Indeed!

One problem is that there were varieties of runic alphabets that changed over the centuries and within various geographical locales.

He told me that he was at that time the world's only University Professor actually offering a university course for study of ancient runic languages.

Below: Runestone Setting: Spring View From Back Yard of Author, Circa 1984.

Gloria Farley's home was at left side of this photo.

She lived across the street from our back yard Approximate location of Runestone is marked by an arrow head near where a roadway ascends the mountain.

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