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Most famous for playing Nick Levan in the British teen series Skins, this popular actor also had a recurring role on ITV's Mr.

Selfridge and appeared in episodes of Nickelodeon's Summer in Transylvania and The CW's Reign.

In the intervening period Mc Kellen continued to fight for its repeal and criticised British Prime Minister Tony Blairfor failing to concern himself with the issue.

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Meanwhile, winger Brennan Dickenson is set to step up his recovery when the U's under-23s host Burnley's under-23s tomorrow, in the Premier League Cup.

Dickenson is expected to play an hour in the match and if that happens, it will be the longest he has played in a match since returning to training following a serious knee injury suffered, last April.

He played the role of "Chunks" in an Edinburgh Film Festival-screened movie titled We Are the Freaks.

He grew up in the London district of Putney in a family of Welsh, Spanish, and Venezuelan heritage. He and Hannah Murray were both part of the cast of Skins.

In 2003, during an appearance on Have I Got News For You, Mc Kellen claimed that when he visited Michael Howard, the Conservative Environment Secretary, in 1988 to lobby against Section 28, Howard refused to change his position but did ask him to leave an autograph for his children.

Mc Kellen agreed, but wrote "Fuck off, I'm gay." The amendment in question, Section 28 of the Local Government Bill, proposed to prohibit local authorities from promoting homosexuality 'as a kind of pretended family relationship'.

While Mc Kellen had made his sexuality known to his fellow actors early on in his stage career, it was not until 1988 that he came out to the general public, in a programme on BBC Radio 3.

The context that prompted Mc Kellen's decision — overriding concerns about a possible negative effect on his career — was that the controversial amendment known popularly as "Section 28" (see below) was under consideration in the United Kingdom Parliament of the United Kingdom.

While performing in a high school play at Latymer Upper School in London, he was discovered by a talent scout.

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