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I realized that the older I got, 16 and 17 year old girls were going to see me as a creepy, dirty old man. it's good too." I increased speed and force, fucking her into a frenzy.

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If my patient is brought in by their parent's for a hymen check, it's mostly because the girl has been behaving badly, and they have reasons to suspect that their daughter's promise ring is a sham. Of course, I will tell them their daughter is a virgin, if she lets me pop her little cherry first. I then walked over to the exam table and stood between Ashlynn's tan, shapely legs, gazing fondly at her hot little teen pussy. I watched my massive cock disappear inside her tight, throbbing fuckhole, and almost came as I watched how it nearly turned inside out around my cock as I pulled out. I was about to cum "Where do you want me to cum, baby?

Sometimes, they don't even mention a hymen check, but if the girl is smoking hot, I tell her they did anyway. I have 2 nurses, Joy and Leanne, both stunning women, who I pay well to ensure my privacy. As a result of this, I have had so many hot encounters with young women, and maintained my sex life quite well. She dressed like so many other girls her age, and thanks to the tightness of her top, I could tell that her tits were very large for such a tiny body. " She started to get up, but I quickly walked over and gently, but firmly held her still. You walk out there and make a scene, and I tell your parents that you're a liar and you've had a ;ot of sex recently and you just don't want me to expose you, or you can lay back and enjoy this. Then I began licking her clit, and running my tongue up and down the length of her slit. I pounded her relentlessly from behind for a few more minutes, and she came twice more, her pussy walls contracting hard around my fat cock, threatening to make me cum each time.

Most male gynecologists come up with sensible reasons why they became that kind of a doctor, and I say all the same things they say when asked. I wanted twice a week, but that would look suspicious.

I'm 36 and I've been a gynecologist in my own private practice for about 2 years now. " I came for what seemed like 5 minutes, my cock throbbing and convulsing in her freshly fucked cunt. I gave her the morning after pill, of course, and had the nurse schedule her for every 4 months.

She had already started grooming it, as it was hairless on the lips. Just relax." This seemed to ease her, and I ran my index finger up from her perfectly puckered little asshole, to her understated, but beautiful little clit.

It was soft pink, extremely tiny, and just perfect.

Some people just have well balanced elements, but some of us are stronger in some and weaker in others, which can cause an imbalance in personality.

It’s just another part of what makes us all wonderful and diverse beings, but knowing our elemental balance can be a good tool for self awareness and intentionally finding ways to balance these different energies in our lives.

I asked her a few standard questions, and then walked over and stood right in front of her. Her skin was golden tan, and her innocent green eyes stared up at me with vulnerable fear. It won't take long." I assured her, reaching around to her back to unclasp her bra. I see this a hundred times a day, trust me." I lied. I was with this one boy last summer, but he didn't even really get it in before..." "I see." I said looking very serious. Her eyes got as big as saucers, and her jaw dropped. My massive hard on eclipsed her tiny snatch altogether, and I began to rub my engorged shaft up and down her dripping wet slit.

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