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They texted and texted, till one day they started asking dirty questions. was…asked her Devonte : Julissa, are u a good girl or are u naughty? He had a girlfriend but found no harm in a little long distance love affair. Till one day she was at school the text conversation got boring and she asked, Julissa : So Devonte, i’m bored tell me something interesting… She felt a tingle run throughout her whole body ending at her pussy…

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Young boys that just want to make out and TRY to be grown adults. But after it being almost a month that the had stopped talking.started to become lonely..

She met this new guy on an online game playing site not knowing what was in store for her.

He was so open about it to, young men these days don’t like to…well the ones she’d been with add they weren’t many.

Julissa is a short Italian girl with big breasts…34D to be exact.

She’d masturbated by herself cause she couldn’t take it anymore…they could of had phone sex but he didn’t pick up…but they had it at 4 in the morning after the text..

i mean SEX messssages…tealling each other what to do when to do it. She was already touching herself now but she had to be getting ready for her church play rehearsal.

Julissa : U could say, I’m good when i need 2 B & naughty when i need 2 B . Julissa : I can’t help u with that right school Devonte : I wanna make you wet right there in your seat lol …

She wished she was home so she could rub herself, and make her pussy so wet reading these text messages…

There was not one man that didn’t want to fuck her.

Yet she still kept her virginity…she would say “I’m waiting for the right guy.

She’s small in size and quite slim, but still curvy in the right places.

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