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Theories on the name tend to reach for symbolic or religious roots, claiming that the two “horns” involved represent Satan’s, or that they reference the devil’s forked member.These are cute ideas, but a much simpler explanation considers the fact that potential male-male sexual contact is anathema to heteronormativity.And yet, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of a good dick must be in want of a second.

“We agreed we’d err on the cautious side, especially since the man had never had any male-male experiences.” For this reason, much of the encounter was directed by the woman involved.

Miles, a 35-year-old pansexual software engineer, has had his share of experiences being a third.

During his first time, he was contacted by a friend of his for the express purpose of joining him and his girlfriend.

The impetus for the encounter came from the woman in the relationship, whose boyfriend graciously arranged the experience, despite having no interest in other men.

Since time immemorial, girlfriends everywhere have assented to threesomes with another woman, but it seems much rarer for male partners to do the same.

And make no mistake, I don’t think anyone, regardless of sex, should feel compelled to agree to sexual misadventures simply to please their partner.

Just like in James’s story in which the female participant coyly pretended to not know what a spit roast was, Miles has had threesome experiences that were instigated in a somewhat cautious way.

A past hookup of his had wanted to have sex with two men, and while drinking with him and a mutual friend one night, “she did that ‘joke suggestion unless it works’ thing.”The spontaneous, indirect initiation of MMF threesomes among the men I spoke to runs counter to what might be considered best practice: planning in advance; establishing clear boundaries ahead of time; and setting aside space for debriefing after the act.

“I’ve fantasized about male-male experiences,” says Shawn, an American accountant in his early 30s who describes himself as mostly straight.

“But haven’t done much to experiment in that regard.” When a longtime friend of his and his girlfriend was staying at their house for a few days, the group ended up getting together without much premeditation.

“We were all in the taxi queue to go home, and someone jokingly brought up the subject of spit roasts,” begins James, a bisexual 28-year-old IT technician from the U. “My friend said she didn’t know what one was, which in hindsight was definitely a lie.

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