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As President Obama orders airstrikes on Islamic Militants in Iraq and Syria and Russia threatens peace in Europe, TV evangelist Jim Bakker says don't fret, he's got everything you need to survive any disaster.

The disgraced 74-year-old pastor, who served five years of an original 45-year prison sentence for fraud and conspiracy, has also got a daily TV broadcast that airs on various Christian TV stations.

'So if you have a family of five, plan on spending about 00 on each outfit.

'But by the time you dress everyone in your household – it could cost you a small fortune! The hood will also cost you $50 bucks, and add another $40 for each pair of padded mittens.

'You'll pay $200 for each pair of suit pants, and another $200 for each jacket. Of course you can't forget the boots – they're gonna add another $50 to your bill.

It is a treat that many children enjoy while baking with their parents.

But licking the mixing bowl may not be safe after all, according to food safety regulators.

The resulting scare led millions to turn away from eggs in a devastating blow to sales and British farmers.

But efforts from farmers to eradicate salmonella, including vaccinating hens against it, have now effectively eliminated the risk.

And ,000 will buy you seven whole years of food packets with a bonus of TWO survival DVD's – providing your DVD player still works post disaster.

'Bakker's survival gear is made out of a sort of Khaki green padded nylon,' says a source familiar with the line.

On it, he's promoting his Morningside Church – a Christian retreat and retirement community set on 600 acres of land near Branson, Missouri.

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