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A Purple Heart memorial was given an official dedication Friday.

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Suddenly she pops up, slings a 44-pound metal tripod on her back and lurches forward in a crablike run. A male Marine slaps a .50-caliber machine gun into place. "A lot of people think that we can't do it," she says.

"I don't think the same." As she runs, Rodriguez stares at a photo — the iconic shot of Marines planting the American flag at Iwo Jima.

That is relatively small, when compared to the 65-megawatt Duke Energy facility under construction in Duplin County. Jasmine Abrego is an office clerk who dreams of becoming a warrior.

She's flat on her stomach in the dirt, in full combat gear. She's wearing dark green shorts, a matching T-shirt and white sneakers. Rodriguez is at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, taking part in a Marine Corps experiment to determine whether women will be allowed to serve in ground combat units.

It has been more than five weeks since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico.

Close to three-quarters of residents on the island are still without power.

The "lovely" space is located in a "gated community with 24-hour private security." The ad also touts the "active community with running trails" and "motivation specialists to encourage you along your way." Other amenities include a courtesy wake-up service at or around 0530. The case involved pollution connected with a CTS Corp. But the decision undercut families trying to sue over groundwater pollution at Camp Lejeune.

Women are still excluded from certain areas of military service, but the Department of Defense has given branches until 2016 to eliminate "unnecessary gender-based barriers to service".

More than 20,000 black recruits trained at Montford Point between 19.

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