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Now you are probably wondering, what is the reason? The answer is simple, 1) women want to know that they are attractive 2) they want to know if the person they like likes them.

Women will often go into great lengths to see weather guys like them and use different ways to try to experiment to see how if guys truly does like them.

She went through a rough time and didn’t talk to me for a couple of days, but then she decided to say she couldn’t handle the relationship because of her emotional problems. Decide for yourself what you need to feel OK and live your life day to day while you heal.

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I never did the bar thing b/c I don't drink and cigarette smoke bothers me. umm generally speaking when I was late for dates when I was younger it was b/c I couldn't find my car keys.

I never did the bar thing b/c I don't drink and cigarette smoke bothers me. Yea, the game-playing thing people do always trips me up.

Often the reasons why these things happen sometimes is called game playing.

WHY WOMEN PLAY GAME Women will often play games with men on the dating field.

Sometimes they will try to make a guy jealous on purpose by talking to other guys, sometimes they may show interest and then suddenly appear to not show interest like i previously said, and sometimes on some extremes may make plans with you but may come late or even back out.

They will do this often when your first meeting a potential mate but it happens during a long term relationships too and the reason is the same.They are trying to see if you will then initiate the next move to make the interaction go further.So next time if a girl talks to you at a bar or any place and seems to show interest or is seeming to mess with your mind, understand it is probably not because they don't like you but it's the opposite.It’s unfortunate when someone has an emotional disorder that makes a relationship difficult or impossible. She has to decide she’s in charge of her life, her emotions and her thinking. Minimize your interactions, stay with safe topics and don’t discuss your social life.She sounds confused and overwhelmed by her emotions. Even if she has a strong opinion about what you do in your free time, the truth is it’s none of her business.There are some occasions however a girl may not like you but will still flirt with you.

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