Sims guy dating simulation

Lets Be In Love With Creatures Japanese printer company, Brother international, released a dating sim in which you can romance one of their printers.While at high school, there is a new student who happens to be a printer and he likes to play sports.

So much imagination in fact that the game may take place in an alternate world or don't even have humans as the one you are trying to romance.

The dating sim might have aliens, vampires, werewolves, animals, food, objects, or other options instead of humans.

The game is in Japanese but a lot of browsers should be able to translate for you.

However If you are translating the game, expect some bad translations. Brother Do you like anime, girls dressed in revealing outfits, battle strategy games, and dating sims?!

Evian, Goddess of love, wants to prove them wrong so she goes to Earth find love.

However, the gods have made her leave here body behind so now she is just a head in a plant pot.After a good date, your ate will reward you with a massage via the vibrations of your controller.When your controller starts to vibrate, hold it to a play where you would like a massage. Well your possible dates are; an anime body pillow, an space alien, a werewolf, a literal cow who might not even know that they are a cow, a online dater who is trying to catfish you, a ghost and one human.Heck, you might not even be a human main character either.Anyways if you would like some unique dating sims to play, you have come to the right place.Mr Massagy is a game about a muscular Slender Man looking guy named Johnny who uses dating apps like Tinder and Grinder on his phone. At the date, the game plays like a normally dating sim.

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