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” and “Vibrator Orgasm” and include no photos or other information. The sound clips feel shockingly intimate, like overhearing a neighbor or roommate in the throes of sexual thrall.It plays on whatever our aural equivalent of voyeurism is, and seems both arousing and transgressive.

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Some are even part sociological study and thought experiment.

Or at least that's what you can tell yourself when you look at them instead of bourgeois ol' regular porn.1.

This means don't go picking categories randomly lest you end up like I did, unhappily in the midst of a story about “That 70s Show” called “Red Rules the Roost” in which everyone in the whole damn family has sex with each other, including the old dad Red. I contacted my friend, a cool Bay Area techie chick, one of many women who'd recommended the site, to say basically, “WTF? ” But she was undeterred in her Literotica love, “Hahahaha. No gingers were harmed in the making of that story! So yes, do go, but follow your trail of passion, not your trail of morbid curiosity or you might end up in Sci Fi/Fantasy section beholding this passage: “the dark, prehensile limb coiled itself around my left thigh in answer, coming from the inside and curving back around to the front, constricting and shifting up before the tip fluttered playfully along my crotch.”6.

Make Love Not Porn Make Love Not, promotes the glories of real world sex via sexy videos submitted by regular people (uploaders get a 50% cut of rental fees.

(Honey, please.)” writes moxie-filled founder Cindy Gallop.

At MLNP, you won't be offered 8 billion varieties of “overemoting woman with huge boobs gets 'nailed'”--unless that's what you want—but human sexuality is all its diverse glory.

By taking their own photos, contributors are wresting control of their images from pornographers, and creating a joyful, creative and often sassy celebration of female sexuality.“What inspires women to submit their naked photos online? For some contributors this is an exposition of pure art.

For others it's a rebellious gesture, erotic expression, a desire to be desired, or a cathartic process.

As the vibrator does what vibrators do so well, the women try to keep it together and keep reading, but begin to show signs of losing focus with a little gasp, a quick intake of breath or wiggling in their chairs for a better position.

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