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victim memorial has been built, and so is the village of Miková where the parents of the POP ART founder, Andy Warhol, came from.

A Jewish cemetery with interesting tombstones may be found in the village of Tisinec.

There’s a restaurant where you can enjoy the wide range of international dishes, as well as a bar for a drink as you enjoy the evening.

HISTORY AND MONUMENTS Dating back to the turn of the 14th century, the three-nave Gothic Most Holy Bodyand Blood of Christ church is Stropkov’s most significant cultural and historical sight.

Its early-Baroque altar with rich figural and ornamental decoration belongs to the most outstanding altars of its kind in Slovakia.

The region provides for several fishing opportunities and is a well-known mushroom picking locality, too.

There is an outdoor and indoor swimming pool, a horse riding area, a sports hall, tennis courts, and a ZOO Park in the town.

The church and the nearby Gothic and Renaissance manor house used to be part of the former castle of Stropkov.

Also interesting are the Franciscan monastery dating back to the 17th century, with a paradise garden and the Way of the Cross, the Baroque building of the Slúžnovský dom (Magistrate House), or an Art Nouveau mansion in the southern section of the town.

If you want hotels in Bratislava, look no further than the NH Bratislava Gate One hotel, located in the Ružinov business area.

This hotel is close to the airport and there is a shopping mall close by where you’ll have a whole variety of restaurants, bars, and everything you could need on your stay in Slovakia.

The rich offer of cultural events is represented by the Market of Stropkov, while sports events may be represented by the Golden Horseshoe of Stropkov riding contest.

Both events are held annually in the summer season.

Bratislava will surprise you with its many fascinating monuments.

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