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It may seem strange at first but it’s a positive sign as it helps to keep your vagina healthy.Your nipples and breasts will start to fill out during puberty.

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As a boy goes through puberty his penis grows thicker and longer, and his testicles move lower down his scrotum (ball sack).

Sometimes one testicle grows faster than the other, and it is natural for one to hang lower than the other.

These changes are very normal and are kick-started by the body producing specific hormones in girls and boys. Everyone’s body is different so some people develop very quickly and others more slowly.

As well as physical changes during puberty you may also start to have sexual feelings and notice your moods and emotions changing, too. Your first signs of puberty may also be different from your friends’.

Try a hint, like, “You’re the most interesting girl I know.” If she responds favourably (favourable responses include : P ;) J), after a few days try, “Of late I’ve started looking forward to you coming online every day.” If that goes ok too, try, “If you were not so busy, I’d have loved to go for a coffee with you sometime.” You get the point.

You need to be bold enough fast enough to hold her interest, while making sure you don’t offend her.

It’s usual to start getting more erections – when your penis temporarily grows and hardens – at odd times, often when you aren’t thinking about sex.

Erections are normal and happen when sponge-like tissue inside your penis fills up with blood – as a result of messages sparked from your brain (from a smell, touch, sight, or sound).

What are the golden rules which worked when you started flirting with your girl?

As you start to become an adult, your body goes through lots of changes and you’ll notice that your moods and behaviour change too.

My mum says 'Your breasts are developing', but they are really small!

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