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Touch base with partners over a coffee, join a discussion about electric aircraft over lunch, and then it’s off to a meeting with representatives from the ministry.End the day with a bit of networking at one of the many receptions. Small components as thin as hair – that is the expertise of Annecy Technology.

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Active in the automotive sector since decades the company offers its precision punched and deep-drawn parts and injection-moulded parts also for the aviation industry since 2017.

This year the specialists debuts at ILA Berlin and demonstrates its skills.

Nowadays, the aerospace industry is truly developing at breakneck speed.

If you want to keep up with the new technologies – like 3D-printing, sustainable aviation and industry 4.0 – then you need to meet the right people with the right know-how. And when will it be possible to mine raw materials in space?

Get young people and recent graduates excited about your company.

ILA Berlin focuses on aerospace innovations in five categories: Aviation, Space, Defense & Security, Supplier and Special Features.

Oder man ist seiner großen Liebe gefolgt und die Seifenblase ist zerplatzt.

Schnell kann es passieren, dass man sich inmitten der 3,4 Millionen Berliner plötzlich ziemlich einsam fühlt.

At ILA Berlin the company will inform you about their new products and services.

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