Straight edge dating

I got kicked out of an Evens (Ian Mc Kaye's shitty new band) show at a Hare Krishna center for being reeking drunk and nodding off/ almost dead, and expressed my displeasure by throwing an unopened 24oz malt liquor can directly at the dudes head. hah, i for sure how have some straight edge friends, however they are respectful. But anyways, i dont mind straight edge people i respect them if they respect me kind of deal. I think he drinks Pepsi, which has caffeine, although he's not fucking Mormon or anything so he still counts as straight edge, haha.

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Once you realize all roads lead to Rome, the fact that you're a user and they're not becomes less alienating.

I do look upon non-users as somewhat innocent though; like when someone who has never smoked pot before wants me to roll them a joint, there is a bit of a pitt in my stomach because of the responsibility I am undertaking of introducing them to this. I will say though, that self-proclaimed "drug/alcohol free" events are just as delusional as a society that thinks it can make itself drug free.

Hey, if you want to stay straight, that's your own thing and that's fine with me.

Just don't get all preachy & try to force your views on others like the crazy evangelicals do.

I highly doubt that the government created straight edge culture.

In fact, the "creator" of this is Ian Mc Kaye of Minor Threat/ Fugazi/ Dischord Records acclaim, and has stated in numerous intervies that he did not intend his songs to start a subculture, especially one inclined towards exclusivity and violence towards others. I mean, these are the kids that will beat up/jump people at shows for simply drinking a beer, or smoking a cigarette outside of the venue. I've been to a couple hardcore shows, where they didn't even have the bar open, and they had it covered because SXE kids destroyed all of the liquor and shit behind the bar, like seriously? They're like the dinosaurs -- I see the proof they exist from fossils and such, but in the end, I've never seen a real live one so I can't exactly wrap my brain around it.

I've been to many hardcore shows and there are many straight edge kids or adults...

I mean I'm there for the music but some bands are more generated to the no drug use crowd ect...

There was a quote that blew me the fuck away when I was reading the school-required Now, no matter what the mullah teaches, there is only one sin, only one. As far as regular straight people, I feel like I have an advantage over them.

I've seen the world in a different light, my perspective on life and the world around us has been changed due to psychedelic drugs and cannabis, and they will be forever missing out on the beauty that is explorative mind alteration. SXE kids are alright as long as they don't get all preachy about it when you tell them you don't wanna hear it.

Hardcore kids in general have to watch themselves in the pit.

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