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I believe wholeheartedly that trials can refine a person rather than define them, and find deep satisfaction in witnessing the resilience of the human spirit.I believe my life experiences, age, and education combine to allow me a unique perspective that will be instrumental in helping you find connection and healing.The man's attempts at making something work include stops in at least six states: Texas, Utah, Alabama (specifically, Birmingham), Tennessee (specifically, Memphis (where the wife gave birth to their child) and later Nashville) Nebraska, and finally Alaska (it is implied that during their stint there, their child died and was buried there).

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Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood recorded one version, and so did The Everly Brothers.

A 1974 version by Irish singers Ray Lynam and Philomena Begley is referenced in 'A Pair of Brown Eyes', a 1985 single by The Pogues: "While Ray and Philomena sang of my elusive dreams".

Brain Balance is a short-term, drug-free, non-medical program bringing hope and success to children with all kinds of developmental challenges.

With more than 60 locations nationwide, it provides lasting results by addressing the cause, not just the symptoms, of difficulties with school, behavior, social skills, sensory issues, fine motor skills, gross motor coordination and other struggles.

Andy Williams released a version in 1974 on his album, You Lay So Easy on My Mind.

In 1975, Charlie Rich took the song again onto the country and pop charts this time taking it to #3 on the country charts and #49 on the pop charts.

Putman's version of the song made its chart debut on the chart dated for July 8, 1967, one week before the Houston-Wynette version.

A third version, recorded by Johnny Darrell, debuted on the country music charts dated for July 22, 1967, released through United Artists Records.

It is my greatest desire to help you move forward in a hopeful direction.

Utah License #8417356-3902 Marriage and Family Therapist I obtained an undergraduate degree in Family and Consumer Science Education at Utah State University, and was very fortunate to be a teacher, both at Dixie State College and Snow Canyon High School in St. In the classroom, I taught basic homemaking and consumer skills, but thrilled to teach Adult Roles and Responsibilities, a course which focused on adult and family relationships.

I believe that all people are basically good, that they are doing the best they can with the tools they possess, and they have within them the answers to the problems in their lives.

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