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Of course the content of your compliment is very very important so choose your compliments wisely.Great examples of compliments are: "I love your hair", or "Your eyes are so beautiful", or "that top looks incredible on you" etc. Naturally we all look at a person we find attractive, the hard part is holding your gaze if they look at you.

You allow her up stairs first (if she falls you can catch her) and you walk before her down the stairs unless she insists, then you walk side by side. If she asks you out, you offer to pay but allow her the final decision.

If she insists on paying then you let her and offer to take her out again on your shout of course. It means she will rub your shoulders if you have had a rough day.

For guys, it is very important when trying to make an impression with a girl and first impressions are everything.

It is never hard to be a Gentleman, holding a door open for someone, helping someone who is holding something heavy, generally being a decent human being can hugely help in making someone see you in a better light. This means you hold open doors for her, pull out her chair, take off her jacket, if she is cold you offer her your coat, even walking arm in arm if she would like.

It is very important to also look into a persons eyes when they talk, it means you are really taking an interest in what the other is saying.

Listen when you have to listen and talk when you have to talk, its important though to know when to do what.

: Many think that only men can be chivalrous but women are too, although it maybe more subtle compared to being a Gentleman.

For some people they may think that Chivalry is dead, for others they feel that a relationship may not have ever started without it.

It is OK to tease, but make sure you are not offending anyone or teasing too much, some people are more sensitive than others, and teasing can sometimes come across as being mean.

Confidence is one of the main ways we get someone to like us.

It does not matter how good or bad you are at flirting, a little education and etiquette in flirting can never harm your chances of getting the person you are trying to seduce.

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