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Those aged between 18 and 24 - the generation that grew up with smartphones – represent the biggest slice (35%) of Pornhub’s female audience, with those aged 25-34 not far behind.

Filmmakers expect girls currently in their teens to follow in their older sisters’ footsteps.

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You only have to have a passing familiarity with the so-called “tube” sites (free porn sites such as Redtube, Youporn and Pornhub) to know how easy it is to stumble upon clips of girls being spoken to in abusive terms, being choked and shoved, or just behaving like empty-headed morons apparently oblivious to the men’s intentions and entirely impassive to the sex. The student Amy Hart, writing in the Nottingham Tab, describes herself as "straight as a ruler".

But, she says, "I don’t want to watch a girl being aggressively f— up the bum, it petrifies me.

They gaze longingly at the posters of heartthrobs blue-tacked to their bedroom walls, as teenagers. Their ability to respond is mysteriously switched off.

“Women didn’t like the pornography they saw in the past,” she says.

The people making these films are often women, and they’re deliberately trying to reach other women.” Street describes “romance” films as “little vignettes, with more context than a typical porno: he’s your boss at work, or you’re giving in to an extra-marital affair.

There’s more foreplay.” You’d be unlikely to use the word “romance” when describing the work of Joanna Angel or Jacky St James, two of the most successful female pornographers.

“That doesn’t mean we don’t like any images at all.” One of the world’s most popular free sites, Pornhub, which is visited by 156m people every month, recently revealed that women make up a quarter of its global audience.

“I’m not surprised by that figure,” the veteran American sexologist Dr Pepper Schwartz tells me.

Schwartz surveyed 100,000 people about sex and relationships for her last book, The Normal Bar.

“We found that many women look at it.” With the internet, and particularly smartphones, the barriers to porn are gone; few were the women with the guts to buy top shelf magazines or rent x-rated films from mangy-looking sex shops, however curious they were about their contents.

Much mainstream porn, says Erika Lust, “makes women want to puke”.

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