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I need to enter few Items in the textbox so that it is saved in my Listbox and then later I should be able to replace an item in the Listbox by entering new value in the Text Box , giving me error , please help... What I mean is, how are you editing a particular item in the listbox. Or will there be a separate button called "Edit" which when clicked after selecting the item "House" will bring the textbox before you? Whenever you want to edit or delete a particular item you will need to have its Category_Id so that you may write a db command like: "Delete from category where category_id=2" For this I suggest storing the Category_Id in the tag property of the list Box item. Text item( for example if I enter Food in my textbox1.txt, the database get only F)... Here is my Stored procedure: create proc databaseinsert(@categoryname nvarchar,@datecreated datetime) as insert into Category(categoryname,datecreated) values (@categoryname,@datecreated); My table Name: Category Columns categoryname categoryid datecreated. If you don't understand what I mean then please right click on the table in the business Studio and click create script. This may be a possibility, let me know if I am right.

Suppose your listbox displays three items Electricity Water House Now, you want to change the "House" text to "Bedroom". Until you tell this it would be difficult to answer. Index property is returning -1 as there is actually no item selected. Writing connection string and all won't be a trouble if you have internet. Regards, Siddhartha when i click on Script Action to new query window it gives me a messages "There is not action to be Scripted".

The name of the data table can be passed as an argument and can also be used to update the entire dataset in a more traditional manner.

Use the adapter's Update method to update the data.

This overloaded method can take a Data Table as a parameter and will commit all the changes made to the data source.

Like this if the user enters House Electricity Food. Add(textbox1.text); it copies only to combobox1, but I have multiple combobox ie, combobox1,combobox2 ......comboboxn. The result: 1) The form looks like this in the beginning:refer First Pic of the Attachment 2) After double clicking the item Tap: refer Second Image of the attachment 3) I replaced the text Box Text witht the text "Cooler" and that gets reflected in the combobox and the listbox as well as in the third pic :) Check if this is exactly what you want. And also I wanted to copy the categoryname in my database column to the Listbox as soon as the form loads. Search in the internet for data binding in a list Box.

Then I copy each one to the Listbox and also copying the items to the Combobox. Also is there any way I can copy the text in the textbox to multiple combobox?? You may make slight changes in the design to suit your specific requirement. I am not sure how to do databinding for listbox with Data Adapter and Dataset so that I can copy the categoryname to the listbox. Thanks a lot again I see you will be having a tough time tying to edit items this way. the above solution i suggested will only be good for displaying the data in the list Box.

Write Line("Rows after update.") For Each row As Data Row In table.

control enables you to perform all these operations without writing Select, Update, Insert, or Delete statements.You need to handle this by putting an if condition: I have a Listbox, Textbox and a Combobox on the form. Just search in google about the things I have suggested. :( I dont know how to check for the lenght of categoryname field.Suppose user enters House in the textbox then I am copying the House text from the textbox to Listbox and Combobox. but when i right click on columnname(categoryname) it says nvarchar(50).The example below updates the Name of one of the Files entries. C# Using connection As New Box Connection(connection String) Dim data Adapter As New Box Data Adapter( "SELECT Id, Name FROM Files", connection) data Adapter. This will automatically get reflected in the listbox.

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