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Schnurr, recently met with young adults from the Cincinnati and Dayton areas to discuss ways the office can accommodate their interests.

"We're here to work with you but there must be a grassroots effort," Archbishop Schnurr said to the group that gathered on May 19 at Champps American restaurant in West Chester Township.

"I would like to see and explore trying to get new people connected," said Jeff Davis, coordinator of the youth and young adult ministry at Good Shepherd Parish in Montgomery.

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She received an MA in Church History from Vanderbilt University, where she wrote a thesis on the changing role of women in 19th century American Protestantism, and the ways Scripture was used to justify those changes. How about....because I'm lame and hate thinking up titles to things?

She worked as as a teacher in Catholic high schools and a Parish Director of Religious Education and started writing for the diocesan press - the Florida Catholic - in 1988. No, I'm not going to ask you about your Lenten reading lists...although I might.

Still, the question remains how does the church, and even the archdiocese, keep young adults engaged?

Representatives from the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, along with Coadjutor Archbishop Dennis M.

It's a come-as-you-are event in a casual setting for young adults to listen to a guest speaker discuss the Catholic Church and being a Christian.

The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry in Dayton is also working to host a Theology On Tap series in the Sidney area.

Nationally, the Catholic Church hasn't done enough to keep young people involved in church, the archbishop added.

While it's common to view children and young adults as the future of the church, Archbishop Schnurr said they are "the church now." "That's the mentality you have to generate.

Whether young adults are busy earning their college degree, finding a full-time job, getting married or living single, their stages in life vary as much as ways to accommodate their spiritual needs.

The archdiocesan Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry has been organizing events to gather young adults together to facilitate fellowship and discussion about their journey with God as it deepens. People are interested in engaging young adults," said Bob Wurzelbacher, associate director of the Cincinnati office.

"The reason Theology On Tap is important is because young adults are pretty much underserved by the church.

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