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It seems like two of the best gun manufacturers (T/C and Marlin) have just been screwed up by these developments.

Nite Ryder IMO your not missing anything with the lack of G2s. But they did solve the difficult to open 'thing' on the contender by newbies.

Nope, he was cussing 'cause he couldn't open the action.

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See, now I've never tried an AR or AK..only semi-auto rifle I've ever owned is a 30 Carbine.

I got my first Contender nearly 20 years ago and have 4 barrels, now.

My favorite will always be the first wildcat I ever bought..6.5JDJ.

I wouldn't mind a 357Max in a 14" Contender, though!

With no safety catch and a hammer they really do have to think when handling the gun and preparing to take a shot.

The super 'junior' calibres available as well, add to the scene and then as they grow up they can simply add a few barrels along the way, also stocks of course interchanging from handgun to carbine to full rifle.

The Encore platform is too heavy for hunting (except Pds) it is welsuited to a rifle barrel as the weight doesn't matter there.

The larger cartridges that the Encore can take are not an advantage in a 10-12 pistol. I'll just have to buy another T/c frame Contender (not G2).

I have 19 barrels, nine are for the Encore grip frames and ten are for the Contender grip frames .

I have had trouble with only one opening hard and that problem was solved so it no longer happens. Sadly I had only one visit there but was so impressed by the enthusiasm of the staff. They all made a contribution to some fine guns and enjoyed talking about it.

The muzzle brake makes a big difference in shooting the 45-70 barrels, the one without a brake is a bit shorter than the other and the recoil is noticeably more. It would be a tragedy if the Contender was to go out of production, even the G2.

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