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From a simple tease, to gossips, up to personal verbal abuse, bullying has become the culprit that affects an individual’s personhood.Being bullied is an experience that commonly, children experience in the school premises.Don’t Jump by Tokio Hotel band strikes the heart of those who are bullied and thinks of suicide as the best option to escape and protect their selves.

This song was written by Tim’s nephew for a best friend who killed himself one week before the song was written.

Don’t Laugh at Me, popularized by Mark Willis has the lyrics and tune that inspires kids that are bullied at school premises.

Selena felt that girls at her age tend to question their personality a lot.

A lot of teenage girls are pressured with the dress to wear and how they should look like to look presentable.

However, with the evolving technology, even teenagers and adults are involved and victimized by modern cyber bullying and bashing abuses.

Usually, many are not aware that bullying destroys a person’s mental, emotional, social, and even physical conditions.

Homophobic bullying imposes tormented and feeling of being rejected from the society.

Some abused homosexuals ended killing themselves as the best option.

The song, Why’s Everybody Always Pickin’ on Me by Bloodhound Gang is a popular tune way back in 1996.

It appeared on the “One Fierce Beer Coaster”, which follows the life of the poor Jimmy Pop.

With the advocacy of anti-bullying, means such as music is used to fight back the bullies and empowering those victims and potential ones.

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