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Irwin, Sewarh Slate College, anti Jomiph Ashbrook, Sky and Telescope Left; Host at the l. chair- man the local or- ganizing committee and pml^s MM nil as- tronomy iit tlie Uni" tenih of Sidney, He is . Wild, a leading Australian ra- dio astronomer, is chief of the radio^ Ins- in division of the Commonwealth Sr ten - e 3 fin and Research Orgoniia- tion (CSIKO). , ano Tnisnopt I* 1 World's Astronomers Meet in Australia fcsii N H.

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* » Vo J, 46, No, 6 DECEMBER, 1973 90 cents * Auitrajjg^ Js Iqf 0b|(rva? right is liic (-rear Hail, where (he formal JUiwi of [he General Vuwtnhh were held and where (he invited divnurifs were given. A complete List of (he AO (otumiisions is given, on page 358, with the Dimes of their rtewh elected oftcers.

8fy In This U$ue; World’s Astronomers Meet In Australia The Lunar Crater Linne Astronomy in Mongolia International Coperni can Celebrations in Poland The Intern off ana I Ultra- violet Explorer Satellite Qy Ej TAIf TMF WQRI. When (he (Irrai Hall was completed in IH5SI, it »ai the largr-M building in Australia., Here the astronomers heard hi | h.’t h rentals of organ and chamber music. C Freeman, a galavv expert at Mourn Straub Ob- servatory, was in charge nf arrange- ments for I VL f Sym- posium No, 58. The number- ing has gaps, as die changing interests of astronomers base resulted in the dropping o| some commissions, such as L ft, whose field was the determination of geogiaphi- til coordinates- ,\t Sydney.

opened on October 2lth In, H (r Majesty Queen Elizabeth 1 1 . At 1 hr* discourses, given in English, comprehensive mimeographed abstract* in French were handed nut.

Wild, ' Interstellar H III 1*1* l-'l I ■ III iil* im A prominent landmark not far from the observatory is the new Sydney Opera limise.

f An other wife had two birthdays on the- return Right 1} Some of the cfitlega tes were disconuricrl to find that the American dollar wa s worth mli 7» petient tif the \ i.i s trali an dollar.

i Ji Sl-ninilt ,ft( Cil Jltdft J, K i 1 1 1 » | E ■ 1 1 Mu.. ash HUS sin u i f lii*iiiii is liiali oikil h [m-i. M ore than a ihirrl of the American astro rionien took advantage , if three group travel Flights from San Francisco to Sid- ney. For many, this was the first experience with tltc fabulous south ■ iii skies and thosi sirring nit tire left ihfc of the plane taw liie Southern Gross and l lie Magellanic Glands (nine up From the Sour 1 1 Paci&C Ocean One astrnnonur's wife had lh rude introduction in tin' fnter- mii imi a I Daie lane, losing more than 5fft him ns n-f lit'T birthday.warriors of r Jr* Sumbuny Tribe, fn fht fin s art of tutor nitrc-nanr’/. Neiagel Hiut T, and iln writer in a recent article f. Uih vn];n wind data, using phoiographs from sc s' era! 'Ilicir topics v,-6re: I, precession, planetars' ephemeri des, and time seal*; £, infrared spectroscopy. 1 I mans which show that colliaiorts Lire far less frequent than had been supposed. As a result, the cirrum stances of die next return of Cornel Swift -Tuttle are somewhat indefinite. Whetlier tb at (Jte court of the Mongol emperor kiihlai Khan. Mongolian astronomers cart In' found in uhl itiiiiuisc Tipis."' Questar AT LAKE RUDOLF We can always count on great pictures from the Gales Planetarium people si the Denver Museum of Naiural History: you remember the full COr On Q ftom Tuktoyaktuk that we published in 1 972. during [he sudden widrspittid interest in asirnnomy J* Wnrkl U;tr II ih.n E-.r it I timer of London suggested in the B \.\ forms of die need for an organ i/al ion to pms-idc aj- Lremomiral infiirtwitio N m lia- in;tss media and help for beginners. oh- st’rv:i On-n"s t Ve wish to extend chic work, using as liiiinv plintogr uplis ,is pr.r,-il? 3, kinematics and ages of nearby stars; -3, origin of the moon and satellites; .3, very si nort-tii tie-stale ptaenoin- cua; and f, outer layers of novae and supernovae. Bolton NEWS EVOLUTION OF THE ASTEROIDS The number u E minor planets increases very rapidly as the count is extended to smaller and smaller objects. "All Cut 1 multi are i it direct variaitce with those found in the literature," writes Dr. “In par- ticular, our lower limit for rhe lime be- tween any collision among the biightesi mirror planets is in excess of 30 11 years.'" 11 so, since the time the planets farmed, collisions and fragmentation among the asteroids hiivc had no effect on the dis- tribution of their sirs, RADIO FLARE STAR On ( )l n.jhf! H centimeters, the ftare began at 21 -50 Universal time, increased rapidly and then decayed over the next, 30 minutes. While the nominal date of perihelion p4M&gc is September, I’l At, it could OCCUr many months earlier or Later. now collected in the library of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences in E Ian Bator, (be country's capiln E. by measuring die a It Linde "J l lie sun at the summer and winlfi viisiiio .i value for die obliquity ol the ecliptic was found tliu C had at! In that year, William Dawes erected a small oh- serva Lory dose to the southern end ol the: prevent Sidney Harbour Bridge, Its activ- ity was brief, Imt the Sydney Observatory I bar wav founded in ISfi S on a hilltop nearby con tin Lies to be a main center for the- photograph h cataloguing of southern stars. Sydney, witli ,i population of mil lion, is Ausmilhi't Lirgest and oldest city, it 1 1 its lieen micialnf with astronomy evet since clic first -settlement ill I7KK. Ah sci Oittific and arlim n istrative meetings were held on the Urii- vers-hy of Ssdnt-% campus.

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