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But no one knows the identities of the girls in the photographs, or the stories they might tell.

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-- The names of the two little girls are an enduring mystery, their images found among crumpled bodies on Civil War battlefields.

Each is posed primly on chairs, ringlets cascading past the rouged cheeks of one, the other dressed in a frilly hoop dress.

The Civil War also did not have the kinds of mortuary units that now strive to collect all the possessions of the war dead and return them to their families.

Each photograph is in a hinged case with a leather or composite exterior.

Many soldiers carried photographs of loved ones into battle and for the first time, photographic images of war were available - and the Museum of the Confederacy has its own vast collection of images today, many of them identified.

But now museum officials are releasing the unidentified images of the two girls, along with six other enigmatic photographs, on the admittedly remote chance someone might recognize a familial resemblance or make a connection to a battlefield where they were found.Some have been in the museum's possession for 60 years or more.Even in its infancy, photography was booming during the Civil War.There is no writing on the backs of these photographs. For a museum that prides itself on knowing the provenance of its holdings, the photographs offer few clues."We don't know who they are and the people who picked them up did not know who they were," said Ann Drury Wellford, curator of 6,000 Civil War images at the Richmond museum that has the largest collection of artifacts of the Confederate states, civilian and military.Many lack the dates they were found and locations, but Wellford hopes the public at large could help. The soldier never returned and is presumed to have been killed in battle.

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