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Upgrading from WM6.0 to WM6.1 seems almost trite, but make no mistake about it: upgrading to WM6.1 is a radical front-end change that will leave you feeling like you have a brand new phone! Perhaps that’s overstating it a bit, but the upgrade is really quite nice to have.

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Two versions, Vista and XP, are available depending on what OS you’re using on your PC so be wary which one you're downloading.

As usual, remember to back-up before installing, remove your SIM and read the instructions carefully so you don't screw things up in the process.

Here’s a bit of news for anyone that was frustrated by Samsung’s recent bait-and-switch with their WM 6.1 update for the Blackjack II.

After yanking the software from their site last week, the manufacturer has finally re-upped the firmware update, bringing this much-anticipated upate to Blackjack owners near and far.

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Makijaż permanentny optycznie zagęszcza włosy w łuku brwiowym, pozwala skorygować jego kształt a także odbudować brwi w przypadku ich całkowitego braku.

I don’t turn my phone off — making phone calls, of course, the occasional game, and much more.

So stable, in fact, that at one point I had not rebooted (restarted, turned off, etc.) this phone for over 90 days! The point of this article is to help others upgrade to the very latest OS that you can find for the T-Mobile Dash: Windows Mobile 6.1 (WM6.1). CHANGING THE HEADER GRAPHIC FOR EASIER TEXT DIALING (optional) Our home and office phones have letters written on the number keys for easier dialing when calling a number like 1-800-FLOWERS, or something like that.

Not limited, however, as I was able to purchase the T-Mobile Dash for not-too-much money.

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