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Any customers affected are encouraged to get in touch with Samsung directly (0330 7267864).

We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused to our customers."F5500 Full HD line.

Instructions for Samsung Smart TVs of 2014 | H-/HU-Models.

Instructions for Samsung Smart TVs of 2015 | J-/JU-/JS-Models.

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19 Amazon Prime Video tips, tricks and features Best Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray players Yes my Tv is a 49" mu6500 curved screen , Blank screen, It will be eleven days it has been broken if the engineers arrive on Tuesday and are able to fix it.

I went to the website they suggested & downloaded a new code #1050 Through going to menu, online, & update, but it still doesn't work. Having similar problem since Thursday night--Amazon launches and says I need an update from Samsung, Hulu Plus says I need to set the clock. Have tried unplugging, resetting clock etc and no luck.

I repeated the process & it says there are no new updates! Called Samsung yesterday and was told to call back and use "remote support" which was closed when I called. Called Samsung just now and was told to wait for their team to find a solution and call me back.

Instructions for Samsung Smart TVs of 2012 | E-/ES-EH-Models.

Instructions for Samsung Smart TVs of 2013 | F-Models.

Although most complaints appear to be from UK-based owners, at least one user from Germany has reported the issue, too.

Until yesterday, customers had been told by Samsung's forum moderator to call Samsung's support line, only to be told by staff that engineers are working on a fix that will be delivered at some point in the future.

It appears as though gremlins in the software have killed certain Samsung TVs, with users reporting blank screens and unresponsive sets.

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