Updating seamonkey post op ts dating service

Again this is late due to infrastructure and build issues, but not so much as 2.46.

This really scares me, since I don't know what I'd do without Sea Monkey. I can't understand why we were not warned that no checking of extension compatibility with this version would be done and that NO extensions being used that were converted via Lemon Juice's Sea Monkey extension converter would work and that disaster would ensue if we tried to update without first uninstalling all converted extensions.

-- Ken Rudolph I don't know what I'd do without Sea Monkey. Regarding the data manager is that seems to be an issue for large old profiles and it just temporarily locks up then is fine. I'm left wondering why Sea Monkey is being continued since it is now Fx and no point in it.

The current members of the core team (count up to 7) are committed but, with all the changes, are getting slowly overwhelmed.

This means bugs do not get fixed as fast as we would like.

But in continuing to deliver the best and only suite based on the Mozilla Gecko web engine, we need your help.

Sea Monkey 2.46 was released in late December after struggling for months with infrastructure and build issues.

Extensions might get disabled but from tests reenabling them again worked. And Sea Monkey is not Fx or I would probably looking for another browser :) FRG Desiree wrote: Can you clarify what operating system you're running 2.40 on? But I haven't checked back here for a few days since the reload of SM 2.40 worked fine and I haven't had any problems since. 2.47 is released since I don't have automatic updates anymore. I have not had problems with extensions, and most of mine have been converted or tweaked to install into Sea Monkey.

I suppose I should try to update at that time for security purposes etc. I also have a habit of changing the max version for Sea Monkey in to 3.0 to stop the add-on from being marked incompatible.

Fixing this often requires using safe mode with disabling addons.

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