Updating the currently checked out branch may cause confusion how long to wait before dating again

Specify the location of the project as c:\jdev1013\jdev\mywork\test.

Files (such as these) that you have created in JDeveloper before using Subversion control must be imported into the Subversion repository, and then checked out from it.

updating the currently checked out branch may cause confusion-56

If you have not already done so, download and install JDeveloper 10.1.3 (J2EE or Studio) from

The JDeveloper Subversion VCS extension is available via the official Oracle update center.

On the Options page make sure that the Perform Checkout box is selected: Complete the import by clicking Finish.

Unfold the Test Application node and the nodes beneath it to see this view.

The JDeveloper Subversion VCS extension is based on JDeveloper production version

You will need either the J2EE or Studio Edition; the Java edition will be supported in a future version.

For the purposes of this guide, you created a new, empty, repository so for now you can leave the Path selection as 'root'.

On the Source page, make sure that the Source Directory box contains the location of the directory that holds your JDeveloper application which, for the example in this guide, should be: You do not have to make any changes on the Filters page.

If configuration was successful, you will see a status message below the structure pane: Assuming success, view the preferences for Subversion to check that the Java SVN client library has been installed as expected: Open the Preferences dialog ( Tools Preferences) and in the left pane select Versioning | Subversion.

With the extension correctly installed, you will see something like: The Subversion repository holds all of your versioned data.

Complete the Export Subversion Connections dialog, then click OK.

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