Updating ubuntu without internet

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updating ubuntu without internet-64

Once you have installed the necessary packages and you have tested your LAMP server we can now go on installing the PHP-modules.

To install our php modules we run: Once installation is finished we can now install Drupal on our new LAMP server.

If you don’t have an internet connection to your PC see Updating without Network.

To upgrade major versions like 2.6 to 2.7 when you have a network connection at the machine you need to disable the old apt sources and add a new apt source for 2.7, then upgrade Linux CNC.

Staging branch: packages are no longer being built for the staging branch.

Packages up to wine-staging 2.21 are still available in the repository.

To install Drupal we need to download the latest Drupal package from their website. The latest version used in this guide is version 8.2.1 so we will download that version using wget.

Our Drupal installation will not be able to work yet since we will need a database for all the values Drupal will store later on such as user credentials and many more.

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