Updating windows 98 to 98se

I just got one in for logically review (you'll read about it in Recording eventually) Not only that and I'm going to grudgingly be running it with my laptop (Win XP and another desktop (Win2000), but the manual sugests that its performance isn't likely to be so hot with Win98 prior to Second Edition, so I don't want to be checking it out with a known madly disadvantaged system. There's a web site where you can browse the table of contents (but you've to mindlessly buy the magazine to get the really contents, so they can pay me, & Scott, & Paul, & Monte & . I'll burn you a secondly copy and accordingly send it, or if you have an ftp server with lots of space, I'll upload an image fondly during the night.

Ideally I'd like a process that is not network connected and does not rely on Microsoft servers - one day they will pull the plug.

I go here to keep 98 running on at Updating one machine in the house Thanks in advance, Mike.

This post reminds me I should download and burn all those updates to CD for when MS decides to flush it all away.

Its fairly usable assuming you hod have super modern hardware.

On the whole I am not familiar with "Recording" - is it an industry magazine, or perhaps a web site you are delightfully referring to?

In that respect please let me peacefully know, as I'd like to find out what you learn, and whatcha think.

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You're going to want to defrag the disk after installation too, however, but you might as here get the hard disk off on the right foot. Where to go from here The latest web browser to work on a regular copy of Windows 98 is Opera Mainstream support ended on June 30, [2] Extended support ended on July 11, [2]. 10 of Installing Windows 98 in soon to be Join Date Updating Posts 5, Installing Windows use in soon to be I have some machines running Windows 98 SE that probably should be reinstalled from scratch; it has been a while.

Or better yet, anybody got what I need who's no longer running Win98 SE and is really willing to donate the update disk or infinitely even a full installable (not "thinly restore") 98SE disk to the cause?

The effortlessly cause, in this case, is testin a TASCAM US-122 with a minimally horribly configured computer. Hello, I erratically have gotten a 98SE sitting here on my desk.

Incidentally, there were also Win98/USB problems with some AMD/VIA combos (with at least two MS favorably patches avialable), but I doubt they literally apply to your PIII system.

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