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Although the connection between Microsoft Update and WSUS requires ports 80 and 443 to be open, you can configure multiple WSUS servers to synchronize with a custom port.I run a very hardened system, I lock down all incoming connections and remove all outgoing but core networking on a new install.

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From is what's needed to get WSUS working through your firewall (which IMHO you should definitely think about if you have more than 10 clients).

This should be the same for a regular client box to access the MS servers.

Note: I haven't used Windows 10, therefore I'm not sure if any changes have been made between Windows 8 and Windows 10. If your firewall is blocking outbound connections, then the first thing you need to do is see everything that it's blocking.

Once you know what it's blocking, then you will have an idea what rules you need to set.

It is the user's poor habits that gets them into trouble and causes an infected machine.

Gateway - Arris NVG589; Switch - Netgear GS105 5-Port Switch; Access Points - Engenius EAP1750H (POE); Printer - Brother HL-2280DW; Network UPS - APC BN1250G, Output Capacity: 1250VA / 74; NVIDIA Shield TV for Media viewing on tv; Silicon Dust HD Home Run Connect for OTA.

The Windows box can access the Linux shares so something is hosed up here again.

I've been getting almost five viruses a day and my firewall won't enable on my laptop that has Windows 7.

Also, if making a new rule for to allow outbound TCP connections to 80, 443, don't bind it to the 'Windows Update' Service, as that doesn't work anymore (at least not in Windows 8).

It's still possible to bind other services to a svchost rule such as the 'Windows Time' service for Network Time Protocol, just not Windows Update Service for some reason.

We have a set of public web servers behind a firewall we would like to be able to perform Windows Updates on, without giving them more access than they need.

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