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I didn’t post my opinion and my experiences about him on the forum, I posted them here, on my OWN blog.

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She suffers not only from violent delusions, but hallucinations.

On many occasions in late 2012, she “saw things” that were not reality at all and shared these delusions in private messages and emails.

it’s about a crazed sociopath who gets off on bullying people online, and she has since she did it for Michael Mc Dade who called himself The Seal Shepherd.

It was her most glorious times, when she thought she was so powerful and she got to bully lesbian women and gay men.

She had also spoken at great lengths about her worries about her very old parents, and her poverty.

Since Veronika is unstable, paranoid and suffers delusions, she is unable to secure a job, keep a flat clean or keep herself tidy.

She admits when she has decided someone has gone against her, she is done with them.

She pretends with them from then on, as she will with all of the Joy of Satan members she hates with a seething passion.

She is only angry about some people because they told her she was going to hate them and then she went ahead and did! it is also totally unnecessary because he cannot put me silence.

It is right on her stupid retard Facebook profile, and she even says on it she doesn’t hate that person! I can make a new account if I want and my friends are there too.

She actually got pleasure in harassing people within the GLBT community, something she vehemently denies to all, to cover her own ass.

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