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The result may be people who feel relatively safe--but I suspect their idea of how much danger there really is becomes even more exaggerated each time the security measures are expanded.

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So I think the TSA could have engaged in a much lighter level of security theatre and still made most passengers feel safe.

Instead, they keep escalating the exaggerated danger levels, and then they have to institute more-draconian measures to make passengers feel safe again.

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This entry is an interesting and compelling take on security theatre, and I think there's some merit in what you're saying.

But I think that there's more going on with airport security theatre than just trying to make (infrequent) travelers feel safe.

It keeps reminding me of the "tough on crime" stance that was so prevalent among politicians in the '90s.

In both cases, it seems to me that the goal is twofold: first, to exaggerate the actual danger levels, and thereby make people more scared than they need to be; and second, to then claim that you're the one who can keep them safe.

And so I'm less likely to even try to say something with clothing that comes from a different idiom than my usual. Thanks again for the entry; lots of good food for thought. Which means I'm having to completely re-think what kinds of clothes I want to wear.

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