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When you create VLANs, frames created by a member of one VLAN are switched only among ports that are designated as belonging to the same virtual LAN, which results in a more efficient use of bandwidth.In addition, instead of broadcast traffic propagating throughout the physical infrastructure, such traffic is restricted to the broadcast domain that represents the VLAN.

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It can also be characterized as a group of related users in a data network or as a group of users at the same geographic location (which is the most common).

In the simplest terms, a VLAN is a broadcast domain.

Faulty network cards, Spanning Tree Protocol problems, or an incorrect application or desktop configuration could cause a flood of broadcasts or multicasts in a network.

When switches see broadcasts and multicasts, they treat them as unknown destinations and flood the frames out all of their ports.

In many cases, these broadcasts help users to find and use services.

Many applications also use multicasts to disseminate information, which include LAN-based TV, video conferencing, routing protocols such as OSPF and Cisco's Enhanced IGRP, and even the bridges' and switches' Spanning Tree Protocol.Too many broadcasts, even from a single PC, can seriously slow a network's performance, if not bring it down completely.From the users' perspective, the use of broadcasts makes their lives easier.Routers were traditionally used to solve broadcast problems in data networks.Unfortunately, the use of routers on a port-by-port basis is a very expensive solution for performing this barrier function.However, VLANs offer a network administrator many more advantages than just these.

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