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Also waiting on further tests so it may depend in that too.

I put it in as far as I could and released very slowly.

Inseminating directly into your cervix is risky to infection so I would not recommend that at all.

It really was quite simple when we thought about it, it's a very similar method that same sex couples use and I've heard lots of positive outcomes.

My OH doesn't produce much sperm and I thought that would be problem as well but this proves its quality not quantity.

Any questions I'm more than happy o answer in full because if I can help someone else from my story then it will make this an even greater outcome.

You can get Self insemination kits on e Bay and they come with instructions, ovulation tests, pregnancy tests, basal thermometer and chart to record your temps.

Thank you so much for all your comments, I just wanted to say I got my BFP this month through the self insemination process.

My husband and I are over the moon and trying not to get too excited until I'm past my 12weeks.

It's just over the counter contraception type thing.

It's not for long term just to put in before sex and to be taken out within 24hrs. Has a rubber bit on like a flat handle the you just hook your finger in and ease out. Xxx Hi Hope you are ok, Go to boots get Wellmen conception he needs to take everyday has everything that sperm needs. I have helped a lady by donation self insemination with 20ml syringe and has worked on the 3 try. Defo recommend going to GP some websites say you have 15% chance through self insemination 30% normal sex Good luck and keep trying bw Steve Hi ladies.

As well as this I find he only produces such a small amount of sperm (approx 1mil) and I'm worried its not enough, but don't know what to do to help it other than supplements and vitamins ??

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