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And, I took it upon myself to IM her or call, by chance of course, in the afternoons after that right at her workout. ---------- Actually, what I found out is, she worked out every afternoon in the buff while her roommates were gone, and showered and dressed before they got home. Every day at that time I had a hard on thinking about the fact she was somewhere without clothes on. And then I was not getting hold of her by phone or by chat, no emails. Badboy: Finally, hey, I've been trying to get a hold of you.

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My little sister moved out of the house when I turned 20, while I stayed put.

We were always close, and we wanted to keep in touch after she left.

I'd call once in awhile and we emailed and sometimes we chatted. There is something about the computer that kicked up our intimacy.

I let it happen, so did she, and besides I liked to drink a bit much which started in the afternoon, which left me drunk with her on the computer.

S: I would, haha if I weren't your widow sister B: Tell me about this guy, what you mean not what you expect.

B: Put your panties on S: your awful B: I want to picture you all horny AND pink.

I'm going to cum S: MMMMMMMMMMM S: OOOOO, Oh God, that was bad.

S: Coming down off this horniness bro, you should of sealed the deal before I came.

S: Just li'l ole me, on my bed, sleepy and undressed, my hand covering my lady cake B: Lady Cake - HA.

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