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Chris Young and Cassadee Pope may sing about breaking up in “Think of You,” but their chart-topper has definitely turned them into best buddies. It’s even survived a duet partner’s worst nightmare: the time when Pope didn’t quite make it on stage to sing the song.

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“I don’t think this is a one-off.” “Eventually it would be great to do something like an EP where we could write everything and do the whole process together,” Pope says.

“He’s not like that – he doesn’t like to be in the spotlight anyway,” she said.

And meeting so many people who were in remission or fought it in the past and survived, it's just such a rewarding thing to see what donations, these amazing doctors, and research can do."The singer, who initially gained her following on NBC's .

"The EP is something that I've held so dear to my heart, because I was there the whole time recording it, but also writing the songs, and I feel like a co-producer with Corey Crowder.

Obviously, the song is from that tough place that couples go through when they break up.

They have to start this life apart, and they have a lot of the same friends.

Getting to see her live show, and doing all of these songs in person after all these years -- and executing them as beautiful as ever -- has been so impressive.

Her show is just hit after hit, so it's been cool to sit in front of the stage and take notes, and absorb everything I'm experiencing.

Afterward, he called Crowder and said, “I got the duet partner,” Crowder recalls. “Their voices actually sound naturally great together.” Fans obviously have agreed, making it Young’s eighth No. Clamors are now growing for more recording partnerships from the two solo artists, and both say they’re up for it.

champ reveals she agreed to the duet before she’d even heard the song. “I thought, holy crap, the girl gets time to sing,” Pope says. “I don’t think it’s a secret that I love singing alongside her, and there will be something in the future, for sure,” Young says.

“The look on her face was real funny.” “I was, like, this is the worst thing that can happen,” Pope says.

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