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In 1934, the Engineering Experiment Station (later known as the Georgia Tech Research Institute) was founded by W.

Bobby Dodd Stadium is in the foreground, Tech Tower and Junior's Grill are in the background to the left, and the Georgia Tech Campus Recreation Center is in the background and to the right.

The Varsity is in the immediate foreground between the viewer and Bobby Dodd Stadium.

The Undergraduate Living Center, Fourth Street Apartments, Sixth Street Apartments, Eighth Street Apartments, Hemphill Apartments, and Center Street Apartments housed athletes and journalists.

The Georgia Tech Aquatic Center was built for swimming events, and the Alexander Memorial Coliseum was renovated. Wayne Clough became the first Tech alumnus to serve as the president of the Institute; he was in office during the 1996 Summer Olympics.

In 1998, he separated the Ivan Allen College of Management, Policy, and International Affairs into the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts and returned the College of Management to "College" status (Crecine, the previous president, had demoted Management from "College" to "School" status as part of a controversial 1990 reorganization plan).

On September 16, 2017, a 21-year-old computer engineering major, Scout Schultz, was shot dead by the Georgia Tech Police Department after approaching officers while holding a closed multi-tool and saying "Shoot Me." Georgia Tech's East Campus and Central Campus as seen from an elevated point near Peachtree Street and North Avenue.

The idea of a technology school in Georgia was introduced in 1865 during the Reconstruction period.

Two former Confederate officers, Major John Fletcher Hanson (an industrialist) and Nathaniel Edwin Harris (a politician and eventually Governor of Georgia), who had become prominent citizens in the town of Macon, Georgia after the Civil War, strongly believed that the South needed to improve its technology to compete with the industrial revolution that was occurring throughout the North.

A historical marker on the large hill in Central Campus notes the site occupied by the school's first buildings once held fortifications to protect Atlanta during the Atlanta Campaign of the American Civil War.

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