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After its debut in 2003, the series received widespread critical acclaim, six Primetime Emmy Awards, and one Golden Globe Award, and has attracted a cult following, including several fan-based websites.Despite critical acclaim, Arrested Development received low ratings and viewership on Fox, which canceled the series in 2006.

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AMBITIONS: To be able to work with competent people on projects that help my career.

TURN-ONS: Vegetables, acting class, dancing, funny people.

It was shot on location and in HD video (at 24 frames per second) with multiple cameras, parodying tactics often employed in documentary film and reality television, straying from the "fixed-set, studio audience, laugh track" style long dominant in comedy production.

The show also makes heavy use of cutaway gags, supplementing the narrative with visual punchlines like security camera footage, Bluth family photos, website screenshots, archive films, and flashbacks.

Howard met with David Nevins, the President of Imagine Television, Katie O'Connell, a senior vice president, and two writers, including Mitchell Hurwitz.

In light of recent corporate accounting scandals, such as Enron and Adelphia, Hurwitz suggested a story about a "riches to rags" family.

If you are around 8 years old, start watching the movie over and over again and quoting it with your sister to grow the proper appreciation.

Otherwise I'm not sure if you will like this movie, but I say give it a shot.

It's almost surreal to watch the non-stop one-liners out of Dudley Moore.

Even characters in the movie refuse to laugh at the jokes. I tried to make friends watch it, they wouldn't bite. I have tried to watch the first Arthur and frankly I've found it dull and uninteresting.

The script of the pilot episode was submitted in January 2003 and filmed in March 2003.

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