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Not too long after he was approached by casting director in a club to appear on the fourth season of The Amazing Race.

Here is what Reichen, past winner of “The Amazing Race” and a cast member of “Dante’s Cove” has posted about relationships on his My Space page.

It’s clear that he is bitter about this latest break-up. Reichen has also changed his status to “single” and posted the following headline: “You Shady Lying Sack of (expletive).

I choose to no longer pay attention to it.” Reichen says his relationship with Lance Bass “and the drama that surrounded it, destroyed much of what I have worked to accomplish and stand for, what I’ve worked to be associated with, and how I am viewed as an individual.

” Now, he wants to be “no longer associated with this ex-relationship or the people involved in prolonging its existence, and that I’m no longer associated with that time of my life, in general.” By the way, if Reichen’s demands to be respected for what he was (a reality show winner who got really famous for dating the man he now doesn’t want to be associated with) don’t do it, this will really make your head explode.

When the press began to poke around in his private life however some of that unconditional support evaporated.

Reichen is now resigned to the fact that there will always be people who don’t like him.

“It has to be produced to some extent so some things are reproduced as they happened before, but when they put it together it’s pretty real.

My goal for the second season was to do my best to avoid that one little piece of drama that production’s going to focus on.” Only time will tell whether he succeeded.

He’d been looking for work here in the States so I decided to put the scary thoughts to one side and just do it.

In the end it was kind of a disaster.” The disaster he’s referring to occurred midway through the first season when Rodiney read text messages on Reichen’s mobile phone and concluded he was seeing someone behind his back, an accusation Lehmkuhl strongly denies. The most shocking revelation of this retelling for me is that reality television is just that: real.

His previous relationship were with singer Lance Bass and with activist Chip Arndt with home he won “Race.” Reichen’s Dating Tips for Hollywood 1.

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