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Luckily for you, they got some extra help from K Mason Crosby’s 18.00 points, because the rest of your starters did very (Greg) Little.

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Yes, because on a bullpen phone, the names “Motte” and “Lynn” sound incredibly alike. From the Week #6 pick-ups, the big winner may have been FUNCTIONING DERELICTS scoring 26.24 points out of Roethlisberger in Week #8.

Meanwhile, BLINDSIDE TAYLORS inexplicably dropped Matt Bryant (13.00 points this week) in order to pick up the equally anonymous kicker Nick Novak (3.0 points this week).

In fact, the smartest pick-up the past few week’s may have been MONEYBALLER picking up Tebow in Week #5 before the Broncos’ bye week—although Tebow’s 22.94 fantasy points couldn’t lift MONEYBALLER to victory over yours truly.

Yes, FLAMING BAG OF POO was this week’s upset special…racking up 134.02 points to win the week pulling away.

If you had pulled out a victory with both star RBs idle, I would have anointed a Yankee-like bronze bust of you.

Instead, now suddenly at 4-3, you’re one of us again.In perhaps the greatest mid-season addition, FLAMING BAG OF POO re-introduced the Houston rocket they call Arian Foster (41.40 points) when healthy. And it was great to spot teeny tiny Darren Sproles get a monster piece (22.70) of that 62-point action that the Saints laid onto the Colts.All of that made up for a rather dismal showing by Matthew Stafford; the one saving grace is that my opponent had Megatron, and so Stafford was like attaching cement cleats to Megatron. Someone forgot to remind Flacco that he’s no Michael Vick, and he should have let the ball drop.) 32 NFL teams, 32 NFL head coaches, and there’s only one team willing to take a chance on QB Tim Tebow—primarily out of pure desperation and local fan pressure. And that makes me wonder, just how desperate have my teams in our Unsportsmanlike League been over the past two weeks of byes, injuries, and a scarcity of quality talent on the free agent list? (That doesn’t even take into account the -0.80 point hit that QB Joe Flacco took for foolishly catching his own batted down pass and lumbering for an 8-yard loss.It’s a shame that happened to Ernest Graham on Sunday.

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