Who was megan fox dating

News reported that La Beouf went on record to say that the two had a brief relationship in 2009.

Hey, if you don't fill it in, it only leads us to imagine! She would also like to build a relationship and eventually have a family.

What Yana did write is that she is easy to get along with, funny and cheerful. Basically she is looking for the man that will make her happy.

But, as soon as the divorce was official, Liam asked Megan on a date … “They made plans to get together soon, maybe even break a sweat with a class.” Now, here is where it gets interesting, Megan’s now ex-husband Brian Austin Green also works out at the same gym. So far Megan and Brian have had basically the most amicable divorce in the history of Hollywood, but there is no telling how he will react when he catches Megan canoodling in Zumba with a new man.

And, speaking of interesting – just this month Liam Hemsworth finally discussed his relationship with Miley Cyrus, and it kind of sounded like he might still love her.

Of course, she was still with Brian Austin Green at the time so nothing came of it." Despite the awkward first encounter, the 25-year-old actor pursued the actress.

"They made plans to get together soon, maybe even break a sweat with a class," their source said.

22 year old Yana is a Ukrainian student that is looking for the love of her life. She is looking for a loving man who is also a good communicator.

She doesn't list any hobbies, but we can guess that they include breaking hearts, being beautiful, and having the perfect amount of attitude to be mistaken for an Eastern European starlet. I guess speaking your mind is a two way street for this beauty.

All you have to do is click on her picture and contact her at A Foreign Affair.

He nodded when asked if the two hooked up and was even getting into fights over her—what a guy!

This week’s edition of Star Magazine reveals that there could be a new Hollywood power couple in the works.

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