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His expectations of the places he applies should be low, and his hopes should be high!

Many employers accept applications and keep them on file in case they ever need an individual with these particular qualities/strengths at a later date.

Employees come and go, therefore, they’ll need to have qualified candidates who are enthusiastic about joining the company ready and available in the event that the relationship with current or former employees hasn’t worked out.

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The last thing you want is your life or company to be filled with people who “you” may like or admirer, but they themselves don’t actually want to be there. Leave the men who don’t celebrate you to themselves.

There’s a “myth” going around that “There are no good men left.” There are millions of good men left.

The challenge for you should be to turn this person who’s interested in you romantically to show interest in your business, your events, your projects, etc.

Turn him into a loyal customer, and you’ll have an idea of how loyal a person he can be.

NOTE: Non-acceptance simply means you were not accepted.

Rejection means that it is actually communicated that you were not accepted and that the possibility of you being accepted in the future are limited.Be clear from the very beginning where you stand, but remember to always treat him with dignity and respect in doing so, and be honest.The reason for treating people whom you encounter with dignity and respect is 1) It’s the right thing to do!!!If you’re in business, give only your business contact info to eliminate any and all ambiguity.Once you give a man your personal contact info, you are giving him hope, so choose wisely who you would like to give this hope to, and refrain from giving this access to men you never want to see or hear from again. If a man approaches you with dignity and respect, then he may be someone worth keeping in touch with. Your network is should be filled with people who have an interest in you and/or your endeavors!If he passes the test, keep him in mind for a better position in your life. By rejecting a man, you eliminate any and all possibilities!

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