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Their parents didn’t beat them, and the guy in the pink shirt needs to be beat today.”Apparently being an involved father who refuses to spank his child means I should be beaten. Aren’t we trying to get more dads to be involved parents? But don’t think Isabella is this devil doing bad all the time.I put my life in front of people so they know that what they’re going through is OK. She’s a good kid, but I use my frustrations as a way to help people. But just because we don’t, it won’t turn Isabella into an entitled criminal bound for detention followed by prison. And we’ll do it by sparing the rod, but we won’t be spoiling the child.

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There’s a growing group of people out there who throw around the “E” and the “P” words because they haven’t gotten what they want out of life, so they say those who are happy and accomplished are somehow entitled and privileged.

My good life comes specifically because of decades of hard work, not because anyone has ever handed me anything.

You could tell on Facebook who reacted to the headline, and who actually read the column. First, from the pro-spank crowd, the term “snowflake” was used a lot.

I hadn’t heard of this term, but upon researching it, it essentially is saying kids who aren’t spanked are overly-sensitive, entitled and privileged.

A few weeks back, I wrote a column on spanking, and it really caught people’s attention.

It received hundreds of comments, which led us to hold a Facebook Live discussion. I essentially said that I was pro-spanking entering parenthood, but my wife had asked that rather than spank Isabella, we find other ways to discipline.

So, you were spanked and turned out fine, but what about those who did not turn out OK?

One person’s response to this caught my attention: “Sadly, people stuck in a past generations mindset will never change their ‘back in my day’ perspective. For the second writer, my wife has been a middle school teacher for more than a decade, she knows how to discipline that age without spanking.

The problem is that they are much more difficult to carry out, so lazy parents opt for spanking.”Again, these are the words of readers, not mine.

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