Wordpress feed not validating Xxlsex

When I did that, the service couldn’t pull my feed. So, I went over to the “Troubleshootize” tab on Feedburner and decided to check the “Original Feed Validity” (which uses Feed to do so). Directly below that was my site’s title which showed “High Tech Dad™” with a little red arrow pointing at the “&” (ampersand).After a bit of research (first starting on this page from the “help” link), I learned that in XML, you are forbidden from using an “&” (ampersand) symbol.

While not many people use RSS directly anymore, there are content aggregation sites (like Feedly) that pull in RSS feeds in order to display the content.

I’m not a web developer so the fix was not something immediately apparent to me.

But, I’m not a coder, I only know how to copy and hack things together.

After reading lots of related issues and ways to fix, as well as diving into the Word Press feed code and understanding that I needed to focus on the “bloginfo” element, I figured I needed some help.

Update: actually, Shane corrected me in this statement.

It’s not that the ampersand is forbidden in XML, it’s just that XML only supports a few types of XML (as outlined here).

Then, just be sure you re-activate your Feedburner redirection plugin (if you are using one). If this fix worked for you, be sure to send him a thank you on his Twitter or Facebook account.

I then took a look at my RSS feed which redirected automatically to my Feedburner version of my feed and it all looked great! (And try out his plug-in if you need images optimized on Word Press! Just remember, if you add the code and it breaks your site, it is easy enough to just remove it.

Here’s what my fixed RSS feed validation now looked like after applying the fix.

And, if you look in between the title tags, you will see the trademark symbol and NOT the “™” text.

A while ago, I decided I wanted to add the trademark symbol (™) to my Word Press site name – High Tech Dad – so that all pages and articles would have “High Tech Dad™” tagged on to the end of each page title.

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