Telugu sex chat apps - Wordpress site not updating

It's not clear what you have set for the permalinks, but either it was not saved, or you something set that the plugin doesn't like. If you want to know more about "pretty permalinks" check out this link.

If you hav eany further questions, please let us know. Hi All, I am facing critical issue with my site related with caching plugin actually I installed supercache plugin, after installation of this plugin I found that is not working properly means pages do not open properly so my question is how to remove plugin compleletly or how to delete caching files even my dashboard is not open please help me its urgent.

My question is, I published around 3-4 posts daily, can emptying cache several times a day good/bad or it will not make any changes to the site? If you are making 3-4 posts daily and your caching plugin is caching those pages, then yes, you should clear your cache AFTER have you completed your latest entries.

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I disabled and deleted the plug in and all is back to normal. Alternately, you can attempt to work through the plugin issues.

I had to quit W3 total cache becase my site was showing up as a mobile site on a pc. Since many people use WP Super Cache, and W3 total cache, there is a lot of resources when troubleshooting problems.

We would be happy to help you review any specific errors you may receive, if you provide them.

Thank you, John-Paul The WP Super Cache plugin was causing my admin toolbar thats at the top of my website when I'm logged in, visiable to all visiters and possibly accessible by them too.

I freaked and logged out immediately not knowing if anyone could just click on 'dashboard' and enter the admin area of my site.

Even after I logged out, the bar was still visable as if I were still logged in and if you clicked on anything it would go to the wp login page. Since both caching plugins are causing problems, you may want to try a different caching plugin.

Click here for more information on the updates and features in Word Pres 4.4!

Clearing your cache in Word Press can be something you may need to do from time to time when using a caching plugin to speed up Word Press.

Removing the plugin does not remove the code it's created and it can interfere. If you are using a different plugin, let us know so we can provide steps for you. My Description Is Show Other Not related My Site For Home page .. Also after you make changes to your meta tags be sure to have Google Webmaster tools re-crawl your website.

Thank you, John-Paul I have Not Getted Any Answer of Previous Question From Your Side .. Best Regards, TJ Edens Hello, When seeing the Google search results, I see information for Nike shoes where the description should be.

If you are using the WP Super Cache plugin, this is how you clear the cache: Once you are done clearing your Word Press cache, you should see any recent changes that you published.

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