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At the same time, the scene in which the person is placed is blurred when viewed from a distance.So you have to move back and forth – between non-figurative colored squares and figurative representations of personality.

Off II, 2010 Through digital communication like Facebook, Twitter, online dating and personal websites, the representation of our personality becomes more and more streamlined.

We have the possibility to project an idea of how we are as a person into the world around us, but with the constant option of censoring information and invent fictional characteristics.

Industry Google Display Network Search Key takeaway: Keywords that maximize the relevance of your business are more likely to be clicked than an irrelevant ad.

Average Cost-Per-Click Cost-per-click refers to the predetermined amount advertisers have to pay every time an ad is clicked on.

The industry that clicks the most with PPC is dating and personal services, resulting in a 3.40% CTR average.

The remaining industries that take top CTR honors are Finance (2.65%), B2B (2.55%), Consumer Services (2.40%), and Technology rounds it off with a 2.38% CTR average.The images themselves provide scenes of isolation and loneliness, as the characters within are so seemingly detached from their environment.These images come to life when the viewer move in relation to them – seen up close, the people are blurred and the viewer has to step back to bring the motive into focus.Ad Words sets the bids to achieve an average CPA equal to your target across all ad groups and campaigns using this strategy.The average CPA in Ad Words is .18 on the search network and .76 on the display network.The Google Ad Word keyword categories with the highest search volume and highest costs per click are the businesses that carry a high lifetime customer value and can spend a pretty penny acquiring new leads and customers.

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