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Talking about relationship, here are the top reasons why you should date a Scandinavian man or woman; In Sweden, men and women are treated equal.

So arm yourself with things that you both can talk about and enjoy.

As you start the conversation, you can ask open questions, ask about his interest, watch his body language and pay him an admiring comment to see if he reciprocates.

They are adventurous dates as these people love outdoor dating.

They are nature lover, active in many sports and outdoor adventures.

Being a good listener allows you to know more about him; his interest, likes, hobby, etc.

which is so important to interpersonal relations and that you are more likely to impress him.Again, be yourself, keep it simple, focus on your strength and wear what makes you feel comfortable.An interesting topic can add spice on a conversation, thus impress a man.He definitely likes to see the funny and witty side of you.So do your homework and add some entertainment on the table.Laugh at the awkward moments and be authentic in who you are and things that matters to you. Learn the basics such as table manners, considering his feelings and privacy, keeping your word, bring cash although you don’t expect to pay, don’t gossip, say please/thank you or you are welcome and dress appropriately.

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