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7is more than just a chat hub, it's a listening portal where thousands of people trained to be a non-professional listening ear or presence online for those who hurt or just need someone to bounce off of.

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People can pray anonymously (first names appear on comments) for each other or comment and post encouragement and hearts on prayer requests. After posting a simple plea or prayer or a problem and app users will receive notifications such as "Mia has prayed for you" when people simply tap to pray for the request or sometimes they're open enough to leave comments under your prayer request to encourage you.

A free login/registration is required and you'll have a username and password but generally the app keeps you logged in.

We haven't encountered any creeps so far just a couple of people once in awhile who may not be good with English.

What's great about 7cups is you get to choose your listener based on country and language plus there is a star rating system.

The important key to the success of this app is that every user is there to help each other feel they aren't alone.

Yes, the app also allows you to tap on shared requests and pray for other people's problems, too, or at least encourage them giving back is just as important as what you're going through.

chat (Regional CBN site) CBN Asia is the official local group behind 700 Club and their website hosts an instant chat applet on the lower for those who need immediate counseling or prayers.

Real seasoned people on their chat prayer team are in touch with you and help offer encouragement, Biblical wisdom, and prayer for whatever you may be concerned about.

Mobile App (Androidsite app and prayer share wall).

CBN, the same group that supports the 700 club has a global Christian community for prayer and the worldwide site also has an online app.

If you take a second look at them, you still may not know things are falling apart for them from the inside out. While a lot of us don't believe in quick fixes, sometimes you just need something to get you through to the next step or the next moment.

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