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Ever since the 1st time i did it and i seen the look on her face and she said i love the way it feels, about 35yrs ago, i want to let other feel great and feel something new. I think men and yes some women do enjoy it too, like anal sex or at least think they really want it is because it's the latest. lol You know the excitment is so much more intense when you are doing some thingthat you are not supposed to be doing, right! lol well on the other hey im straight and have no problem with a Woman exploring me!

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If it's about power for him, maybe he somehow feels powerless.

Despite being disappointed with Link's gullibility and whining, she loves Link and Link loves her back. Although Link saved Zelda's ass from Ganon, she never thanked him, so Link sent her to hell and looked for another, more grateful girlfriend.

Zelda has almost no special powers, save for using chains to tie up Ganon.

as for lesbians, I would go out with them in a new york minute, I have met a lot of really hot,young and beautiful ones, and, after all we have a lot of things in common !!! Myself I just love shareing the journey I find the female mind complex and exciteing when she lets go.

It is no power trip here, i do like doing it and i love watching the girls enjoying it so much. oh snaps i thought we were talking guys giving it to women ! Problem is for every really truley open female you get ten that are strung so tight the can hardly touch themselves long enough to wipe after they piss!What I've seen here is a couple of dozen people looking at the same situation that we've been reading about here since December of 2004 and *still* saying "He's gay! The fact that he was a church going virgin before her doesn't make him gay or bi, I was all for trying new things with the "first" and the same with him.He's just more open to different things that most straight guys are disgusted by. ) I mean yeah scratch down my back bite my nipple ring and give it a tug , even spank my ass lol but i hope the way i work it will have you trembling very soon!Despite being smarter and more competent than her game counterpart, she does not bear the Triforce of Wisdom, which Impa possesses instead. Zelda often shows herself to be more rational and competent than King Harkinian and Link.Unfortunately, she's also often the one who has to put up with their antics, making her quite bitter towards them.She called out to me to help her climb out from the window, I grabbed her waist and I pulled. She was stuck fast, upside down in the gap." Still on this wild ride? But as this tale of one toilet goes viral, more and more donations come pouring in (it's at around 1,600 British pounds as of now), so the rest will go to two charities: One to support firefighters, and Toilet Twinning, which brings flushing toilets to underserved parts of the world.

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